Events are public gatherings at a public location (usually a camp ground) and everyone is welcome to attend. Our events are usually held either on a Saturday, or over the whole weekend, Friday evening to Sunday morning.

We charge a fee to enter our events to cover the cost of renting the facilities.

We host 5 regular events: Lion’s TourneyAnniversary, Pluck Yew, Panhandle Skirmishes, and Yule

Events are attended in “garb” – an outfit similar in look to clothing worn from 600CE to 1600CE – with loaner garb available for those without. This is where we hold competitions, eat together, and just generally hang out. At events, you can find some of the following:

  • ** New-comers Class ** : We realize that events can be confusing so we offer a special class just for question-and-answer. Despite the name, you don’t have to be new to come! This class is usually held Friday evening or early Saturday morning.
  • Arts and Sciences: One of Oldenfeld’s core values is teaching our skills. (The other core value is having fun!) At events, we almost always have classes scheduled to share our knowledge. We are such a chatty bunch that sometimes all you need to do to start a class is to ask a question!
  • Children’s Activities: Children are welcome and activities for children are usually available at events. However, this is not offered as a childcare or babysitting service and you are always responsible for your own dependents; you may not leave site without your children. Children also need extra paperwork to attend an event.
  • Court: Court is the formal time when the Baron and Baroness give out awards and make announcements to the Barony.
  • Dancing: Dancing was a very popular activity in period and we have a healthy dance community locally. Dancing is usually at night after feast.
  • Food:  Our events usually always offer a “feast” for a small additional charge; this is a large, semi-formal dinner with multiple courses. You’ll need your own plates and utensils, but again loaner gear is available. If you have food allergies, please contact the event staff at least two weeks prior.
  • Lunch is sometimes included in the cost of admittance or can be purchased for a small fee.
  • Fighting: We hold martial competitions at every event. Both light and heavy fighting are available, usually at different times so people can do both.

Please contact our Chatelaine or Seneschal if you have any questions!