The Constable’s duty is to safeguard the welfare of people who attend Oldenfeld events. This may include:

  • the direction of parking,
  • shepherding children,
  • shooing animals,
  • containing disruptions of the peace,
  • seeking all persons’ follow SCA rules, and
  • seeking all persons’ obedience to state/local laws.

Note, that officers of the Constabulary do not have the authority to enforce state/local law; they uphold the law by way of observation, limited intervention, and proper use of the chain of command for Oldenfeld officers. Constables have no greater legal authority than any normal member of the public.

The Seneschal is the legal representative of Oldenfeld, and the main point of contact between Oldenfeld and the police. The Constable works for the Seneschal to encourage the peaceful, rule-abiding participation of all.

This office is currently vacant.