Baron & Baroness

The Baron and Baroness are the ceremonial leaders of Oldenfeld. They are our exemplars of chivalry and courtesy and are the spirit of Oldenfeld. They inspire us by example, and by distributing the awards which are the visible tokens of accomplishment and appreciation in the SCA.

Here in the Barony of Oldenfeld our Baron is Charles Ashton, and our Baroness is Aurelia Cassia, OP.

Charles hails from Lancashire, England.  Wishing to see his Norman homeland, he traveled to France.  From Normandy he decided to go on pilgrimage and traveled south to Bordeaux where he met and joined under the banner of Hugues de Payens.  Payens was back recruiting men to go on pilgrimage and join the newly-formed monastic order of the poor knights of Christ.  They traveled through Bordeaux, Milano, Roma, Constantinople, and Nicaea on the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Jerusalem. During his travels, he met and fell in love with Aurelia, a Turkish noble woman born in the besieged city of Nicaea and given a Greco-Roman name by her Byzantine captors. When Charles was selected to succeed Miklos von Baeker as the Baron of Oldenfeld, he struck an accord to have Aurelia rule by his side as his wife. The two were married in the Royal Court of Danial and Ennelyne and named the fourth Baron and Baroness of Oldenfeld at the end of the year 51, A.S.

Interests and Preferences

Both Charles and Aurelia are authorized heavy and rapier fighters. Charles is also authorized in cut & thrust, and Aurelia is working on assembling her kit. They both enjoy participating in target archery and thrown weapons as well. Charles claims to not be particularly crafty, but Aurelia appreciates and dabbles in the scribal arts, silk banner dyeing/painting, and cooking.

Food & Beverage Preferences

Charles tends to prefer simple (but not bland) foods and has a more Americanized palate. He does enjoy spicy foods. He likes some sweet meads and ciders. Charles dislikes bitter flavors, almost all beer, and dry wines/meads/ciders.  Charles also does not eat offal/organ meats or seafood, and he doesn’t have any known food allergies.

Aurelia will try just about anything other than brains (prion diseases terrify her), but especially likes interesting ethnic foods and spices. Her favorites are Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Aurelia has no known food allergies and thinks IPAs are the absolute worst.

Both Charles and Aurelia are (supposed to be) following carb-conscious diets.

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Aurelia Cassias’ Device
Charles Ashton’s Device

Book of the Baronage of Oldenfeld
    • Baron Oldenfeld, Sir Cedric of Dorchester & Baroness Oldenfeld, Genevieve de Mullet Trois
      April 30, 2005 – May 1, 2009
    • Baron Octavio de Flores, OP OL & Baroness Mairi Ceilidh, OP OL
      May 1, 2009 – May 4, 2013
    • Baron Miklos Von Baeker & Baroness Marie Le Mains
      May 4, 2013 – April 29, 2017