If you are thinking “This all sounds cool, How do I get involved and check things out?”
Here are some helpful links and tips for you on your next steps.

“I want to attend an event, when is the next one?”

You can go to our Baronial Events page to find links and information about our next upcoming event.

“What do I wear?”

We only require a reasonable attempt at pre-1600 attire.

“What does “a reasonable attempt at pre-1600 attire” mean?”
Here is a helpful link that can help answer that question. Costuming.
But what it means is that we attempt to wear recreations of what they would have worn in the European Middle Ages prior to 1600 AD. Look at historical sketches and paintings for inspiration and find what city and period speaks to you! Do you like lace and ornate fabrics and trimmings? Then the fancy frippery and finery of Elizabethan England may be for you! OR perhaps you like more regal silhouettes? 12th Century French fashions could be perfect for you! Hats?! Are you a Mad Hatter crazy for the millinery arts? Then Burgundian or Landsknecht is just the thing for you!
And these are but a small sampling of what kind of clothing you can wear!  We have people who wear clothing from Egypt, India, Italy, Korea, Japan, Ireland, Persia, Rome…and the list goes on!  

“Do I have to have all of this BEFORE I can attend an event!?!”
Not at all! We have what is known as “Gold Key”, (mundanely known as “loaner garb”!)
Oldenfeld maintains an assortment of clothes to loan to visitors so they can attend events and fit right in! (All garb is laundered after each event.)

If you would like to borrow any of the clothes, it is helpful, but not necessary, that you contact our Chatelaine before the event so they can be sure the clothes you need are available.  Pictures of some of our garb can be found here.

“What should I bring with me?”
Some good things to bring to an event are a camp chair, a blanket, and a basket of feast gear. (plates, bowls, mugs, and eating utensils.) If you need loaner feast gear, you can contact our Chatelaine before the event so they can make sure to have some available for you.

“Are my children welcome?”
Families and Children are always welcome! Children add wonderful energy to events and there is usually some sort of organized children’s activities for them to partake in.

“Is there a cost?”
Small fees are taken at events to cover site fees and meals. The event’s page will have more information regarding these fees and who to contact.

“Is there another way to check things out besides an event?”
Absolutely! You can join us at our bi-monthly Baronial meetings, held at 7:00pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at the Publix near Lake Ella, in their upstairs meeting room.  We discuss upcoming events, barony news, and other assorted topics.  It is also a great way to meet our members.  Or you could join us at any of our other local activities such as fighter practice, project nights, and occasionally demonstrations.  You can find more information here at our activity page – Baronial Activities

Want to learn even more?!  Here are some great links to even more useful information!

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