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An informal and active discussion forum to share interesting research, request rides to meetings and events, and the general pulse of the populace.  Please note that this is a public group and all activity is able to be seen by others.  Guidelines for use are listed in the group description.  Ask to join our Facebook group.

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The official “voice” of the Barony – a place to find announcements and general information.  Share your love by Liking us on Facebook.

Email Lists

Our email lists are our semi-official means of communicating announcements, as well as a forum for other communication related to the SCA and our barony.  Most lists are normally very quiet, with sudden short bursts of activity.

For the use of Barony members and friends of Oldenfeld.
Information and discussion amoung the active members of the Shire of Oldenfeld Cook’s Guild.
OldenfeldHFP (heavy fighter practice) group! Please let all your Oldenfeld rattan fighter pals and visitors know about the group. This message board is limited to heavy combat information only. Membership should include those interested in heavy combat and actually participate in it.
We are performers of Early Music and part of the Barony of Oldenfeld in the Kingdom of Trimaris. We welcome anybody – musicians, signers, percussionists, etc – in the Tallahassee FL area with an interest in music (including Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque) ranging in time period from about 600 – 1700 AD.
This is an information-only list for residents of The Barony of Oldenfeld.
The Company of St. Vitus is a group of Renaissance dance afficionados associated with the Society of Creative Anachronism Barony of Oldenfeld (Tallahassee, FL). This group is for scheduling our practices and occasional performances, and discussing theory and research about historical dance in Western Europe 1400-1651.